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Mitacs Training Opportunities

April 22 - June 17

Mitcas Training Sessions

About Mitacs Training

Since 2008, Mitacs has been offering professional development training to advanced degree graduates, supplementing their education and research experience with the tools necessary to succeed in today’s workforce. Each year, thousands participate in training courses to augment their university learning. Now it’s your turn.

The synchronous components are offered in an interactive learning environment consisting of small groups, with approximately 24 participants. They are facilitated by leading business and industry professionals who have undergone a competitive selection process. Our facilitators are subject matter experts in their respective fields and understand what it takes to succeed professionally. Facilitators deliver hands-on, engaging, and experiential learning.

Sessions are offered at no charge to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently registered at a Canadian university.

Who is eligible?

Mitacs Training courses are open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently registered at Canadian academic institutions, past graduate students that have completed a degree from a Canadian institution within the past two years, as well as current participants in Mitacs programs.

All parties involved with the Mitacs Training program must comply with the Canadian host insitution’s policies regarding the ethical conduct of research and scholarly activities. Any issues or disputes around research or academic misconduct will be subject to the host institution’s processes following their institutional policies.

How to register

Mitacs Training courses are free for participants. To register for a course, visit the EDGE portal.

Though EDGE, you will be able to:

  • Access Mitacs Training’s online course catalog
  • For each bundled course, facilitated sessions are offered across Canada
  • View and download transcripts following successful course completion
  • Check course registration status, download resources and tools, and more!

On your first visit to EDGE, please create an account.

Once you have an account, sign in to view your profile, current registrations and our current course offerings

​Cancellations are disabled five calendar days prior to the course start date. If you need to cancel your registration less than five days before the course, contact the team at training@mitacs.ca.

Program administration

Registration for Mitacs Training courses is done online through EDGE by the participant. The registration and cancellation system is self-managed, giving participants full and direct control over their accounts.

To secure a seat at the instructor-led courses, participants must register online. If you have registered successfully, you will receive a confirmation from Mitacs.

Note: All synchronous courses are currently offered online.

Register and search for courses here.

Facilitated sessions – April until June 2022

*Students located in the province of Ontario will be given priority to register for the following sessions.  The sessions will be open nationally a few weeks before the sessions start dates.

Refined project communication plan (2h)

Course bundle: Communication skills

Self-paced e-learning: Enhance your communication skills

Dates: April 22 19, 2022 (12 pm – 2 pm EDT) – June 13, 2022 (3 pm – 5 pm EDT) – June 29, 2022 (10 am – 12 pm EDT)


Applying the principles of sound leadership and team building (2,5h)

Course bundle: Leadership skills

Self-paced e-learning: High performing leadership and teams

Dates: May 26, 2022 (9:30 am – 12 pm EDT)


Incorporating reconciliation, equity, diversity, and inclusion into your project (2 to 2.5h )

Course bundle: Fostering a culture of reconciliation, equity, diversity, and inclusion into your project

Self-paced e-learning: Incorporating reconciliation, equity, diversity, and inclusion into your project

Dates: May 18, 2022 (3 pm – 5 pm EDT) – June 6, 2022 (12pm – 2:30 pm EDT)


Mastering the elevator pitch (3h)

Course bundle: Career planning

Self-paced e-learning: Boost your career

Dates: May 12 9, 2022 (11 am – 2 pm EDT)


Building your project network map (2h)

Course bundle: Networking skills

Self-paced e-learning: Advance your reach

Dates: April 25, 2022 (12 pm – 2 pm EDT) – June 22, 2022 (3 pm – 5 pm EDT)


Project and time management (2h)

Course bundle: Project and time management

Self-paced e-learning: Spur up your project and time management skills

Dates: April 28, 2022 (10 am – 12 pm EDT) – May 6, 2022 (10 am – 12 pm EDT) – June 1, 2022 (12 pm – 2 pm EDT) – June 17, 2022 (10 am – 12 pm EDT)