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City of Toronto 2018 Small Business Marketing Forum

November 13, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

City of Toronto 2018 Small Business Marketing Forum

City of Toronto 2018 Small Business Marketing Forum

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Looking for ways to market your business and reach more customers? Want to learn what tools are available to help you build your business?

Join the City of Toronto at the 2018 Small Business Marketing Forum and connect to the latest trends and tools for marketing your business.

Influencers: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Never before have we seen such a cultural shift in the advertising industry. Advertisers are beginning to realize the effectiveness of utilizing influencers to help sell their products however it being such a new approach it definitely comes with its challenges. In this talk we will be discussing how business owners can best use influencers to market their companies as well as what things to look out for and avoid.

Presented By: Rachel David, Hashtag Communications

Rachel David is a former broadcaster turned YouTube personality turned entrepreneur. Working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, Rachel is now taking her network of celebrities, influencers, brands, managers and agencies and bringing these worlds together. Utilizing her connections she has the unique ability to create authentic brand campaigns combining top tier influencers with brands such as RBC, Chevrolet and BestBuy Canada.

Seriously Disruptive Digital Marketing Methods 

In a single week, Tesla generated more than $14-billion in sales. In just a few days, for some reason, Canadians switched ketchup brands. Why? The answer is digital marketing. Radically disruptive marketing—new methodsfor generating sales and brand equity—has changed how businesses connect with consumers. In this keynote, Darrell Keezer will explain how it’s done.

Presented By: Darrell Keezer, Candybox Marketing

Darrell Keezer builds businesses with digital marketing. He owns a handful and lends his talents to hundreds more—all over the globe. His story has a tinge of irony. See, the lowest grade he ever earned in college was the D in Online Advertising course. However, in the real world, he’s mastered the field like few others and earned straight A’s. In fact, a few years later, Darrell was inducted into Sheridan College’s Business Hall of Fame for his work in building an award-winning agency. He was named Entrepreneur of the Yearby two organizations, and won an Award of Excellence in Business from the Governor General of Canada.

Afternoon Break-Out Sessions

Business Self Defense

Three out of four small businesses in Canada feel terribly exposed to cyber business threats. Are you one of them? Where do you stand on business security? Join Microsoft’s new Business Self-Defense bootcamp, an interactive, engaging, and enlightening session where you will learn cost-effective strategies designed to help a business like yours protect their data and files from internal and external business threats. Don’t be a victim of cyber crimes. Defend your business from being ransomed.

Presented By: Jared Bernatt, Microsoft

Ready, Set, Market!

Get ready to launch your best marketing campaign by developing a strong value proposition and turning it into a unique selling proposition that customers will be unable to resist! Once they’re interested, we will talk about the messaging needed to keep them engaged during the sales process!

Presented By: Sima Gandhi, Innovator Lab

Boost Your Traffic & Web Presence

Building a website is just the first step in marketing your business, you also need traffic! Learn about the many sources of traffic and how to increase your web presence through a combination of content, Pay Per Click Marketing, local business listings and basic SEO practices.

Presented By: Paul Stevens, iGo Sales and Marketing

Business Insurance – What You Need To Know!

This session will touch on the key reasons why business insurance is necessary; what impacts the cost of your business insurance; as well as examples of the types of claims for which a Commercial General Liability policy is designed.

Presented By: Michael Hill, TruShield Insurance

Trade Show

Building a business requires various marketing resources and tools to help you attract more customers. A range of partners will be on hand to share their resources so your business can start and grow.





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